Smallest pc case recommendations (but with full height gfx)

    Im looking for a small/slim base unit that will still accommodate a full height gfx card if thats even possible
    (I'd like 1 slot for dvd drive but not necessary ) already bought a 2.5 ssd.

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    If it's a single slot card then the Jou-Jye 528i is a solid choice at 4.9 litres, although you have to supply your own riser:…ver

    Tiny cases that take dual slot cards are fairly rare since they tend to be one-shot projects, nobody's making one commercially yet as far as I know. The Dan A4-SFX is shopping to kickstarter backers next month and the plan is to sell the remaining units through OcUK and The Sentry case should be getting starting their funding drive in the next couple of months too. Both are around 7L, although fairly expensive due to their small production runs.…tes…ry/

    Then you've got the commercial dual slot cases around 12L like Silverstone's SG13 and ML08/RVZ02. Affordable and easy to get hold of, but small to medium rather than tiny.

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