Smallest TV size that works well/ok with the wii!

    My kids are wanting a wii in their bedrooms, they currently have small portable TVs so looking at new ones if they have the wii in their rooms.
    What is the smallest in your opinion would be good or OK for them to play wii?

    Thanks in advance


    probably a 32" tbh, if your doing multiplayer the screen will be split so going any lower than tht will make it very small

    24" is all they need.

    Have they really got room to play in their bedrooms?
    I thought Wii was much more lounge (and family playing together!) compatible.

    Your buying them one each?

    my tiddler has got a 22 in and that does him fine

    our kids have a 19" and they don't complain.

    Original Poster

    There is plenty of room in their bedrooms as loong at they(sorry I) keep them tidy!
    And we already have one so would just mean buying a second so one each!

    Thanks for the help on the TVs I found a good deal on a 17" and 22" gonna have a look this afternoon!
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