Smart bulb blanking plate for light switches

Found 13th Mar 2018
Hi guys, been into screw fix and there's no such thing on their books.
Does anyone know of anywhere sells some sort of blanking plate cover to sit over the top of light switches to stop them being switched off and loosing their WiFi connection??
At the moment we use Sellotape but I'm redecorating and changing them all over to stainless steel so I'd like to avoid using tape to stop them being switched off!
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And what happens If your router is offline and you have no wi-fi? how will you then switch lights on?

I'd say just leave them as is....
Spango4 h, 40 m ago

Summat like this? ... …Summat like this? ...

Not the most beautiful thing but certainly a possible solution. It'd look better than Sellotape, that's for sure! Thanks
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