Smart card readers and affects they have on mobile devices

Found 1st Dec 2013
Was curious if smart card readers such as oyster card and door entry pads will affect a mobile phone, reason being, I was thinking of getting a phone case that will hold my oyster card and work pass and simply placing this onto the readers.
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No a mobile Phone will not affect any sort of contactless card including the Oyster card. They operate on different technologies and frequencies.

A Mobile may affect the mag stripe on a train ticket etc but that is because the use Lo-Co Magnetic stripes and the mobile phone will affect this. It won't affect any bank cards however.
And I take it the reader itself will not damage my phone in any way
No not at all. The Readers produce very low RF signals that power up a contactless card so it can transmit data but this is limited to a few CM. A Phone on the other hand transmits data over a long distance so the power output is a lot higher so the reader will not damage a phone.

Just to summarise, putting your oyster card, and a contactless work pass in a holder on a mobile will not damage either card, phone or reader in any way.
Just seen on your previous post that you have a Galaxy S4.

This has an phone NFC chip in, NFC is the same standard as used in contactless bank cards. The Oyster and work pass use a lower standard but all use the same frequency, and the only reason for the lower standard is that they don't need to be as secure as a bank card. So if the phone affected NFC or vice versa they wouldn't be able to put it in the same device

Sorry, i work for the worlds largest smart card and security company so i deal with this from customers day in / day out
Thanks for taking the time to answer my question mate, looks like you know what you are talking about

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