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Found 8th Apr
I got a couple of echoes on the recent deal. pleasantly impressed with how they integrate with my hive thermostat.

just wondering if anyone has any recommendations on other smart home stuff. particularly good kit you can get cheap on gesrbest etc

I'd like some voice controlled dimmer switches but looking on Amazon at one it said you had to have a neutral connection. not just a loopback (or whatever the technical term is). guessing this is for the voltage differential required for the unit to run so might not have any luck there (do light switches usually have a neutral in them?)

I'd also like some security cameras. I have a server running 24/7 if that makes it easier for recording or external monitoring. big question on these I'd how do you wire then up? do I need an electrician to start putting wires through the wall to outside? for internal cameras / PIR sensors how do you power them, channel a cable up the wall or down from above? just looking for easy to setup stuff if possible? can you get rechargable cameras ?

any other advice gratefully received.

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I recommend the TP Link smart plug, it comes on offer on amazon occasionally for around £15-£20 I believe. Has a nice app you can control timers on, and also works with Alexa too!
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