smart fourtwo

Found 20th Jul
i have a smart fourtwo that has very low milage when i switch on the ignition or start the engine from cold there is a noise similar to a vacuum cleaner or some type of pump from the off side front just behind the dash does any know what this is likely to be TIA
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The engine

With the size and power of these cars, I genuinely thought these run off a vacuum cleaner motor!
is it when you turn the ignition on or just start the car? As am guessing its the fuel pump priming which is normal.
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Is it the fuel pump
When I get noises like that in my car, I usually just ask my wife to get out.
“When I switch on the engine the car makes a noise. Is this normal?”
BFCsider20th Jul

The engine Sorry

Rear engine
simonvf4001 h, 37 m ago

Rear engine

Doesn't make it sound any less of a vacuum cleaner
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Have you just bought the car? If not has it just started happening? Is the noise permanent or does it stop after a while?
Is this the new Fortwo or the old one?
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