Smart Heater/Thermometer ?

Found 13th Nov 2017

Im looking for a smart heater/thermometer that can be switched on switched off from your phone ?

As I want the heater to be on before I enter my house as I come in at different times.

Any good deals out there at the moment ?
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Hive is the best one going at the minute, their are loads of deals on here for Hive. But as Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming up very soon, you might find a better deal.…716
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I have Tado, and think that it is great. It uses for your phones location to see when you are out, and then when you are approaching home, it then warms upp the house.
You could use a Wemo socket. Allows you to control anything plugged into a socket.

As with all things, think safety first. The only heater I’d think to plug in, remotely safely is a oil filled radiator is similar. Nothing that has a fan or open vents to elements.

I know we all ignore advice but you shouldn’t leave an electric heater in when not home.

Now if you are talking central heating that is very different.
Netatmo is one of the cheaper ones on the market - you can install it yourself, got really good reviews on Amazon.

Has been pretty handy for me, last night I switched it on as I left the office and came home to a nice warm home

You can also get individual radiator controls so you can control each room if you really want (extra cost).
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