Smart heating options. Nest? Hive? Pros, cons, costs?

Found 10th Feb 2015
What are the advantages of buying one of these systems? Are they cost effective? My utility supplier is British Gas. Would you recommend buying Hive from them?
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I've fitted Nest and Hive, also Honeywell Home expert and Heat Genius.

None of them will save you very much money, think of it more as a convenience. If you have a combi I prefer the Nest to Hive, especially because you aren't stuck with BG. The only advantage Hive has over Nest is you can control the hot water via smartphone.

Also look at Heat Genius and Home Expert, these allow you to control individual radiators (rooms) via your phone. These are much more pricey!

There are plenty more alternatives out there as well, none of which are particularly difficult to install.
Thanks for your response, you seem to have answered my question. I'll look into those other options. Not sure that the outlay is worth it for minimal convenience. I don't feel an overwhelming urge to control my hot water via my smartphone! I have a Worcester Bosch combi, fitted by BG and it appears to have the most basic, minimal, ineffective control system with little control over the hot water anyway which tends to come out scalding hot.
Worcester do a smart thermostat called Worcester Wave I think, it could be an easy option to fit. Otherwise Salus might do the same, one that plugs into the front of the boiler ( not 100% sure its to fit Worcester).

If you have the Junior boiler there is no control of hot water, it should be a constant ~55deg C. Few combi boilers allow control of the hot water via a programmer (controlling boiler pre-heat), they normally just have a dial on the front for temperature.
I've had hive as part of the BG deal for a year now and find it good, lost connection once and called hive to fix within 5 mins. Only gripe is you can't update your account details email etc without calling hive to do it.
Thanks for both of your responses. Themorgatron, I think it probably is the junior boiler, certainly saves money on water usage because you burn yourself if you try to dilly dally over handwashing! Will look into the thermostat option. You've been very helpful, thanks. I can also sense that you know your subject.
Also thanks to silverjellybean for your comment. Not sure now that Hive is the route I wish to take after weighing up the potential cost versus savings.
if it helps at all I have Salus. easier to control on smartphone $ tablet than on the unit itself! The app appears pretty idiot-proof, was cheaper than other options and 11 months in I've no regrets. ....... Nice to be able to check and vary the temp at home from anywhere with an internet connection
Thanks TAH-M.After checking various options it seems some of these thermostats are not compatible with my junior WB boiler but all your comments are appreciated
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