SMART Home Renovation - Ideas Needed!

Posted 16th Jan 2023
Hi All!

My wife and I are currently in the midst of planning a compete home renovation - literally taking a house back to the shell.

With that in mind, it's prompted me thinking about how to make our future home as SMART as possible. I've recently experimented with some devices and have taken a liking to Amazon Alexa which I will be using as my main hub.

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations of what we could incorporate as we are rewiring the whole property and therefore would like to think ahead so we account for this. I've experimented with SMART lighting (LePro Bulbs), purchased a SimpliSafe Alarm system, Blink doorbell + Sync Module, SMART Samsung Washing Machine, SMART Neff Dishwasher, SMART Plug to turn on/off TV etc. Any other recommendations/use cases?

I'm particularly keen to get a solid AV Set up - New TV, Speakers (Preferably mounted within ceiling), multiroom/zone speaker configurations - any recommendations on these?

Thank you so much in advance!
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    I asked for this to happen when I got renovated ..

    the builders said they wouldn’t do it, because of testing on each device (I don’t remember the exact phrase used)

    they also mentioned about if mice got to the wiring, and chewed through it ..

    but I guess they were being cautious, so different builders will have their own advice
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    ducting with pull wires
    central switch room
    cat 6 everywhere
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    As above make sure you have ethernet sockets so you can hard wire as many devices to the internet as possible
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    You should assume that anything using proprietary online services or requiring a mobile app is going to be difficult to deal with in a few years. So make sure anything of that nature can be pulled out and replaced easily - connect it via mains and ethernet sockets rather than hardwiring and don't bury it within walls etc.
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