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Found 2nd Feb
Morning people

I currently have a lg tv using the smart iptv app but I'm wanting to change brands and get a new Samsung tv

Just wondering can you get or put this app on Samsung tvs ?

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I have it on mine, it works well. I reckon you'll have to buy it again after a weeks trial as it's tied to your mac address of your TV, think it was £5.49 when I bought it a few months ago
Yeah I don't mind buying it .... how do u get it on there or is it just in the app store on tv

It was just on the app store on the TV itself. Was nice and easy, I guess it's the same as your LG but you install the app, go to the website to pay & activate it and then you can load your playlist through the website too, the whole process only took a few minutes.
Yep sounds the same
Yup I've just recently got it on my Samsung tv, quite straight forward there is the app store download from there.

I purchased it a couple of days ago I'm sure it was £5.05.
What Samsung tvs you got guys..... I want to get one for 900 pound to 1200 55 inch
I got the 40inch 6400 not because of budget but mainly due to the size, any larger would be too big in the bedroom. Thinking of getting another one for the living room and office
Is this still working for some?
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