Smart meters a good move?

    I've just had a letter from British Gas offering free smart meters. Just wondering if they are worth having.. any pitfalls? Anyone had negative experiences with them? I remember they had a bad review a while back but I can't remember why?


    Dont do it until October, i read recently that is when a industry standard protocol will be applied, which means you can use a British gas Smart Meter on NPower for example. At the minute you cant just swap over, they have to replace the meter or turn off the smart part of it.

    If thats no longer correct someone let me know.

    Until they work across companies I wouldn't bother.

    I'v got smart meter from SSE and I love it

    Hence why they are being pushed so much.
    Free electric on a Saturday or Sunday with BG to entice customers in.
    It surprises me every day I fit one how gulable the general public are

    Dont bother, had mine fitted by British Gas 18 months ago because I thought it would mean no more estimated bills and help me see how much various appliances were costing to run, but in fact its so unreliable its useless. There are two problems;
    1) It doesn't always send the meter readings to BG so I still get estimated bills, and even if I send in the correct reading straightaway they don't amend the bill like they used to, so I'm actually worse off.
    2) It either loses its tariff information altogether or displays the wrong rate (at the moment it says 0p/kwh for Gas & 2p/kwh for electric... I wish) so the daily / hourly cost it shows is nonsense.
    Initially I used to ring up and get them to reprogram it but it was so much hassle and happened so often I've given up now, which is probably what they want.
    So don't volunteer to have smart meters, stick with your existing dumb meters as long as possible.

    Claim to fame :-) I setup the services for testing the firstever smart meters back in about 2000. Back then all they did was send a file to a secure ftp server and then these were collected and data exported into a database. At the same time also setup a similar system for roads works where any company planing of closing a road had to send details so other companies could use the same closure and even the same hole to do the work they needed to do - no sign of that one yet I think :-)
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    Thanks for your comments, I think I'll probably leave the dumb meters as they are.

    Had em installed back in march it's only ever managed to send one lot of readings to eon. Complained to eon and was told it's the governments fault for not launching infrastructure properly and my meter will suddenly start working next year. Waste of space.
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