Posted 23rd Jan 2023 (Posted 4 h, 3 m ago)
Hey I just wondered which model folks are recommending and from where?

Just want to have it facing me (floor standing)while sitting on the sofa. I'll only be in there for a couple of hours a few times a week.

The room is 5m x 4m average ceiling height.

The option of starting it up while on way home through the app would be great, I have a few Alexa speakers in my place. I am a bit of a novice at setting these things up!

Thanks so much for the help, really helpful.
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    You'd be best off getting a cheap heater and a smart plug like the TP link Tapo Buy TP-Link Tapo P110 Mini Smart Wi-Fi Plug - Energy Monitoring | Smart plugs | Argos or similar. You can then set schedules via the plug for the heater to come on whenever you want, or via voice activation.

    In terms of a heater if you want to heat the whole room before you get home then a cheap fan heater would be fine or an oil filled radiator.

    If you just want to heat yourself and a small space around you get a halogen heater. You probably wouldn't need to switch that on until you were sitting next to it so would use less electricity overall.

    No point spending lots of money on a heater unless you want something that looks a particular way.
    Great advice, great idea on the smart plug!
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