Smart Speakers Google Home Mini or Amazon Echo Dot?

Posted 25th Nov
As a first foray into smart speakers which would you prefer?

Google Home Mini…085


Amazon Echo Dot…528

I've no idea what the differences between them will be.
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We had Amazon Alexa for over a year until they stopped working with my Harmony hub. Changed over to Google and they work perfectly fine and are much more responsive to voice commands . Google also do routes and transfer them to Google maps on your phone.
I find the Google mini is better at answering random questions, but the only the Echo works with Audible, if that's an intended use of yours.
Sound is beefier on the Echo Dot 3rd Gen vs the Google Home Mini - supposedly the Nest Mini is better.

Google is a lot better at answering questions, but Alexa obviously ties in better to Amazon services.

It's like most things - it depends what you want it for, and what ecosystem you use most.
Google mini every day of the week. Bing is an awful search engine. As I'm sure you'll be aware everybody uses Google to search things. You get much better much more and much clearer answers with Google. I've had both and as soon as I got googlr alexa has been in a cupboard
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