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    Hi All, thinking of buying a TV but not sure if I should venture down the SMART TV route?

    - Not deeply into social media and happy using the laptop/smartphone for facebook/twitter
    - Happy using tivo box for recording / catchup tv / occasional you tube use

    Therefore would I be missing much by opting for a LCD instead??

    Perhaps there are some features I have missed which you experts could kindly highlight to me?

    Thanks in advance.


    in essence it's like buying a tv with built in dvd player - you will regret it later.

    Depending on the model, you can install apps like Plex or DS Video, these allow you to play movies stored on a NAS or usb drive.

    i defo wouldnt spend a few extra hundred pounds on the smart bit as you can get things that plug into your tv for £10+ that will do this for you so take my advice get a really good deal on a hd tv get extra inches and if in the future you feel like you want all the smart features look at this…tml

    But don't get a boxee box.

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    Thanks folks for the rapid responses, appreciate it.

    Glad to hear there are options to have the `smart` feature by using a device like chromecast.

    I suppose I won't mind adding/connecting such a device to the tv as long as it has enough ports to do so!

    I assume having a `chromecast` or `boxee` device in comparison to the inbuilt smart feature isn't a disadvantage? Perhaps speed wise? I also assume adding a smart device rather than using the inbuilt one is more configurable?

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    I have a Smart TV, and am really glad I do, but everyone's opinions different. I think it's great to have that extra option of pulling a TV show I missed from catch-up, or something which isn't even shown anymore from youtube, at the click of a button. And for me the fact that it's all built into one unit, without extra cables or removable media devices, is great.

    Nope. Just buy a laptop to TV lead ( Might be HDMI ) for the time youd like to watch youtube, Netflix etc.

    I asked a similar question a while back but havent got around to the purchase yet. I found that not al Tvs manufactures offer the same smart apps..with Lg offering the most apps from memory. As its been said youll be better off getting it all on your tv for ease of use etc if you are getting a tv anyhow.
    I wouldnt consider XBMC if you are after ease of use and convenience.
    I tend to use a mixture of tv apps on my bluray, youview , xbmc and chromecast but would much prefer it all in one place. Ive actually started watch tv now with the on demand stuff but my tvs arent smart.

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    Only thing I use mine for is amazon video or lovefilm. However worth considering that Smart tvs usually have dlna functionality which is great for showing photos, videos and YouTube clips direct from your mobile. Assume you can do most of this with a chromecast though.
    Last point id make is that Smart is usually incl. on the higher end sets with better processing power, that same processing power improves picture quality.

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    Thanks again for all your inputs.

    Interesting to hear each TV manufacturer offers or limits a selection of `smart` functions/apps.

    I think I like idea of sharing photos/videos from a smartphone, but like Denbi states this can also be enabled through an add-on device.

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