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Found 5th Jul
Hi all,

We're soon to be ripping out our kitchen and was hoping to mount a 17-20" on the wall rather than using the likes of my mobile or an iPad for viewing in there. I'm only looking for smart based ones as don't want the hassle of wiring an aerial lead into there and also the less wires possible (want to have a power socket installed directly behind it), and it would be mainly used for catchup through iplayer / itv hub along with live tv through the same, possibly even IPTV too if it has an app for it.
My problem is that nowhere seems to sell sets at that size that are smart or ones that aren't tend to be bigger and ugly.
Anyone come across anything that would suit my needs or maybe be able to reccommend a HMDI type stick that would do the job plugged into a monitor (seems there's lots of monitors of this size but obviously need a source)

Thanks a lot for any help.
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Get a smart TV not a monitor. You're going to need to add speaker to a monitor. With a TV you can control everything with a remote, with a monitor you can't.
Yeah to be fair i started looking for TV's but couldn't find any.
I have found monitors with Speakers (iiyama the same as i use on my PC) and it would just be a case of turning on with the buttons on the front which defaults to the last source used and either controlling volume with the stick in it (pos NOW TV or Apple etc) if they do that?
psychobitchfromhell12 m ago is 22inches, any good

Looks a great set, however i should prob have mentioned a budget - i was looking for around £100 - £150, also can't see that this one is wall mountable as no mention of it or vesa.
Thanks for looking as i hadn't come across that store so will see what else they have.

Have a look on gumtree as they have loads of cheap tv's on there.
Cheers all, will have a look at all suggestions !!
You need something like this. Waterproof smart tv I have jst fitted one in my bathroom and its great.
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