Smart tv v PS3

    A quick question, I've just bought a smart tv (samsung 39'' that was in here recently).
    It has a smart tv function but I would need to buy either a samsung dongle or chrome cast. Currently, I have a PS3 which I have connected to the tv.
    My question is, what are the advantages of having either the dongle or chrome cast over the PS3? Is it worth paying for one or should I just stick to the PS3?
    For info, I don't have any tv subscription to sky or freeview tv.
    Thanks in advance.


    A smart TV will have built in freeview on all TV's now.
    You wont be able to use the smart function unless you have broadband. Most smart TV's come without the need for additional dongle depending on which model you have, but its best if you can connect to the internet directly with a wire straight to your router - as wifi is usually bad.

    Chromecast can't get the YLOD and doesn't sound like a jet engine.


    I use a ether net cable. Hard to find the right one. Mines a rj45 24awg 4 pair . Iv bought 2 wrong ones before but still were rj45
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