Smartfone/Android with buttons?

    Love the idea of these fones, especially the apps you can get but have found I struggle with typing on them - anyone do one with buttons? Touchscreens fine for surfing etc but its just when it comes to the fiddly bits. Sim free or on O2 would be best. Thanks



    Motorola MILESTONE
    £359.99 for handset then set yourself up with a Simplicity sim from O2.
    Bored in a year? - then you can sell and see what available. Theres gonna be alot of choice in Q4

    Review: ]http//ww…/p1

    Looks the same size as iphone?

    Id love to try one in person but haven't had the chance - this has stopped me from a purchase cause there always internet gadget porn but like the desire once I held it and used it I wasn't so taken in. Dont get me wrong it is nice but not that different from the iphone which I already own.

    sorry Im just used to the iphone after 3 years - now the HD2 is massive!

    sigh I really need a change from icrap.......

    I like my Palm Pre which just so happens to be exclusive to O2.

    It is a nice phone - spent 30 mins in the o2 shop playing with one the other day. Although the Palm Pre Plus should be coming over here (its overdue)

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    Thanks all for the replies - has the Palm got buttons??


    Thanks all for the replies - has the Palm got buttons??


    (sorry - Im being a smart arse)

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    Many thanks
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