Smartfonestore purchase issue.

    Hi guys I noticed the deals on the site smartfonestore from this website so I thought I'd get a Samsung s4 from there, gradeB used. I bought it on Monday and paid, and I had an email confirming my purchase then saying my next email will be of a tracking number, however I didn't get another email from them. I have sent them two emails about it and no reply, gonna try ring on Monday to see what's going on but what do you guys think I should do? It says the phone should arrive in two days of purchase but it has been almost a week and their customer service has been POOR! I emailed on Thursday and Friday and receive no reply, now I'm scared I may not get a phone coming at All?!


    have you checked your junk folder?

    did you pay by credit card if you did you should be able to get your money back?. you might even be able to on a debit card depending on ur bank but with a credit card no problem.

    or did you set up an account as im sure you can track it in the my account section. seems a legit website as dodgy site the websites are awful and this looks like it has had a fair amount of time and money soent and most knock off ones dont stay up long enough to justify it.

    I've used them about 4-5 times without ant probs, I had a phone that after a week became barred but within 3 days I had a refund and bought a new one from them, phone them they were really helpful, hope this helps

    Legit company used them to purchase S4 Was a good service, check your account for tracking number and give them a ring must be a slight malfunction

    Ordered twice from them and received excellent items. Have spoken to a lady in customer service when wanting to know more about the company and she was really helpful.
    I know it's frustrating but I'm sure they will help you track the phone down tomorrow

    used there a few times for various phones and always prompt and in really good condition.

    Having bought two phones from them, I can confirm these guys are a great company... Prompt delivery and items were excellent condition.. I also rang them to discuss a payment issue and they were very reassuring.

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    Hey Matthew, I checked my junk, no luck. And if I look at my account at the order, under the tracking number it says N/A however the order was accepted. thank you guys for the reassurement, makes me feel a lot safer, I guess I'm gunna have to just ring them up tommorow, defo going to have a rant at them for not replying to my emails though cause it was very worrying and I'm usually at work during their opening hours.

    I have used this company several times and had no problems even when I had to cancel an order - customer service is very good too - but its always better to ring them

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    Turns out to be they had a stock error on their end, got refunded the delivery charge and theyre sending one out tomorrow, thanks guys!
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