Posted 13th Jan 2023 (Posted 13 h, 55 m ago)
I've had to return my Ticwatch 3 for the second time due to battery issues, after 6 months drops to less than 12 hours. So many seem to have a 24 hour battery life as standard. I'm not massively interested in all the fitness gimmicks they come with, what's a good smart watch suggestion for Android with more than 24 hours battery life?
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    Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - 3 days. My watch 4 classic - 1 day.
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    I'd say galaxy watch 4 or 5, I have the 4 non classic and I'm getting around 48 hours with everything on on average. Got it as new a month's ago from eBay for £70
    Issue there is a lot of features aren't available unless you have a Samsung phone, I don't, I've got a pixel 6 pro
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    My partner has a Huawei/Honor watch 6. Only cost something like £35 and has a fairly big screen, GPS, music playback controls, continuous heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, detailed sleep analysis etc. And with all the monitoring turned up to the highest sensitivity and continuous monitoring they are getting at least a week of battery, if not a couple of days longer.

    If it had ECG functionality I would have ditched my Apple Watch for one myself ages ago.
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    Shame you've had issues with the Ticwatch,.mine has been faultless and using the automatic scheduling feature of essential mode while I sleep I get 4-5 days from every charge.
    Was your repaired or replaced?
    Maybe get it replaced under warranty and hopefully you'll get a good'un
    replaced twice under warranty, same issue on both of them. this time was an immediate refund, they didn't even question it
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    Hi, I would say depending on what you want to use it for, if it is just the step tracking and exercises you are interested you can get something like a Huawei watch gt2/3 like that if you want the full smartwatch capability (NFC) etc then samsung watch 5 44mm or Pro. The huawei lasted me atleast more than a week for the battery life.. I would expect the samsung to last just under 2 days.
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    I've always had the Huawei / Honor Smartwatches and they have an average battery life of 14 days. I'm currently on the Huawei 3 Pro and in battery saving mode again lasts 2 weeks. In normal mode it lasts about 3 days but I don't need all the sports etc stuff so it stays in Battery saving mode. The Amazfit bip is another option for 14 day battery life (the first smart watch I had) and again if you don't need all the features of a high end one its good at it's job, even has GPS built in and can often be picked up for around £30 (edited)
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    Do the Huawei/Honor watches still need apps installed from an external app store? I had one, when I had a Huawei phone, but then changed my phone and didn't wan't to open the security up to get the stuff from the external store, so the watch went back. (Within a week of getting it)
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    No, I've never had to lower security setings, unless you mean "Allowing untrusted sources" warning, then yeah I suppose I have, but to be fair, Huawei got a bit of a bad deal with Mr Trump, and I even have Play store protect turned off as it keeps deleting a couple of side loaded apps that I need to use.
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