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I've got MDA Vario (first generation). The major problem I ever had was that phone periodically hangs without warning. I traced this problem down to SPB Pocket Plus.

Apart from that it is very good although not as stable as SE T610 I had before.
Now I am thinking about WM 6.0 upgrade...

my phones absolutely thick

Always wanted to get a smartphone but never got round to it.At the time was really intrested in getting a Nokia 9500/9300i but the size was always stopping me then just forgot about it.Now this thread is up maybe i will look at it again.:)

Had a C550, then cracked the LCD. Upgraded to a SPV M600 - fabulous devices. I wouldn't revert, it's so easy to sync, and the software available is amazing - so much of it! Wifi is great, calendar works well!

I have the O2, XDA mini, due for renewal in 2 months time and there is no replacement yet so don't know if to hold on for 6 months and get a newer model.

I don't think I could go back to the older models now and I am not to grabed by 3 either.

My main use of the smartphoney features is the GPS/TomTom navigation via a bluetooth receiver. The one thing that has consistently let me down is the fact that the cameras on these phones are always sub standard, and I've never figured out why are supposed smartphone lags behind dumbphones like the SE K series.

I currently have a C600, which is scratched to death. Next I'm after either the 02 graphite, toshiba protege g500 or the vox. Decisions, decisions.

I swing back and forth, I've been using mainly Windows smartphones for a while with the HTC Hermes as the most recent one (in Vodafone guise). What particularly frustrates me is that despite the fact combined phone/PDAs have been the way forward for a while now, the integration between the two functions is still very poor. I tend to find as they're more complex devices they don't tend to be quite as reliable, my HTC Wizard and SPV C500 would occasionally struggle when receiving a call and give up, losing me the call. The C600 and Wizard both seemed to take glee in mucking up syncing as well, I tended to have to keep an SE with a complete contact list to resync the PST after entries went missing.

That's being very negative though, in general I thought the balance between PDA and phone was pretty good with the HTC wizard - its processor offered reasonable performance and strong batterylife and the integrated keyboard is the best I have used on device of that type.

At the moment rather laughably I'm back to a Nokia, the flip design, optical zoom and VGA recording seduced far it's not doing too bad, I always buy one on a whim and get rid of it within a couple of months. The screen is by far the best I have ever used, it is still perfectly usable indoors whereas any other mobile device I've used, even with anti-glare screen protectors. The wifi support is also excellent, it quickly finds nearby wireless networks and made it easy to connect to them - I found MS mobile devices to have pretty poor wireless support, they would try and connect to one, fail for some reason then try to connect to each of the wireless networks they had ever connected to(!)

I've been thinking I should really sell the HTC Hermes on but I doubt it's long before I change my mind and go back to it or whatever new one is out.



i have been using smartphones for 6 yrs now. mainly nokia 6630,n70,6680, and n91, n80 and now n95.

i hate them! far too big and battery life far too poor.. have no choice to change as i suffer from low vision and have to use special software like talks and mobile speak.

software can be downloaded from=…asp

would be great if the software can be used on phones like samsung d900, se k800 etc...
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