Smartphone car holder- good one?

Found 5th Aug
Is there a generic holder which can fix without constantly falling to the window or vents in the car?

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I used a magnet vent mount one for ages till I got a car play stereo. Worked fine and cost 99p on eBay.…619
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34607293.jpgI made mine. Fits in Ash tray. It's wood sprayed silver with a nice holder screws to the wood. I used..... Wood. Saw. Sander. Spray paint from pound shop. £4 holder that never fitted in the car cd radio slot off ebay,so this is what I came up with
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I have a UGREEN one cost £9 on prime but you can purchase for £3ish on aliexpress
iv purchased a few different ones before, but this the best for me so far
These are great and unobtrusive, you can get them cheaper, think I paid 1.50, this is just the first one I came across…472?hash=item1cadb9f4c0:m:mf0ic115ZFmTbLGnsXDKFbA&var=423581577118
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