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Found 7th Sep 2017

I'm looking for a smart phone for a friend who is quite old (60) and a first time smart phone user I would like to get him a phone between 40-60quid but want a decentish phone that will last him mainly using for whattsapp and duo etc so he can ring his family abroad. Anyone come across any good deals or personal experience of phones they ordered. I tried reading reviews on gear best and ali express but half of it is in a diff language

Any help is much appreciated


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I suggest spending a little more than that.

Does he use computers at all? If he is a user of Apple products have a look for a used iPhone 5s. You can buy a refurbished iPhone 5s 16GB with warranty for < £120 and should be able to pick-up a used one for ~ £90.

Alternatively I can recommend a brand new Motorola Moto C Plus for £90. It is a solid budget Android phone with a large display, a huge battery and the latest version of the Android OS. Bought directly from Motorola it will come with a clean Android OS, free of random Chinese crap/ad/spyware.

Another one that is pretty good for a budget phone is the Doogee X5 Max Pro for £76. I have setup 2 of these phones for friends in the past year. Both came with a clean Android OS, also this will depend entirely on the seller/importer not placing random junkware onto it before selling it to you. The spec if very sensible for the money too.
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Tesco have the moto E4 for £95.unlock codes are £2 on eBay.
Galaxy Note 8. They'll probably only get to use it for the first time 🔥
I got my mum a samsung mini s3, first time smart phone user. But unsure about availability now.
Have you considered the Vodafone own brand phones, they're reasonably specced and very reasonably priced. Also, if he's not technically minded then there's Vodafone shops in every town that can help him out
I'm no apple fan. But... Old iPhone would be best. Get a second hand one and you can upgrade it later of it all works out. Will look and act the same
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