Smartphone under £200 with good camera??

    I finally purchased an LG G3 off Ebay but it didnt work on 3 for some strange reason i could get 4G but not 3G so ive had a refund So im on the lookout for a Smartphone with a good camera and storage. Ive had a look for another G3 but am having difficulty finding one. Any recommendations??


    My old mans just brought a moto g4 and that decent for the price.

    Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 for about £100 and pay the fiver on ebay for a code to unlock it to any network.

    Yeah moto g4 for me too. Bought the Mrs one to replace her bootlooping lg g3 and she doesn't notice the difference except for the knock on and off feature

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    So the LG G3 can get the same problems as the G4 then???

    I replaced an LG G3 for Motorola G4 Plus.

    Trust me. Go for it.

    You will be amazed at how much slicker than an LG G3 it is. It is definitely a good notch up.

    The battery life is amazing. I use mine for hours each day, and always go to bed with 20 to 40% left. The LG was awful for battery.

    If you buy the G4 Plus rather than G4 you get a better camera, and also the turbo charger.

    I think that both are worth the extra cost.

    If you don't mind white, you even get dual sim.

    I bought mine from Amazon.

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    Does it have an SD Card Slot?

    Yes it does. I have a 64gb in mine, but I believe it will take a 128.

    I believe the dual sim also takes an sd card.

    Sony z3

    i have a google Nexus 5x with android nougat 7.0, great phone with good specs, good camera. Very responsive. Around £160-200 mark. Got mine from argos and got a £10 gift card.

    Also has a fast charger, which is EXTREMELY quick to charge. Uses usb c cable.

    +1 for the Nexus 5x, you'll find it much better and more future proof than all the others mentioned here

    Vodafone ultra 6.

    Xperia range

    hiya, I just upgraded to an s7 edge, which is a luscious beast of a phone, so selling my note4 and gear smart watch for £240.....still a superb device. I was actually looking at the alcatel 4+ with vr headset.....good price on amazon.....but just went up to £169 from £159......wait for black Friday. As mentioned above, the g4 plus is also a great bet So many good phones out there at the moment.......
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