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Can anyone recommend a smartphone with a strong screen that doesn't brake easily if it falls? 😁 I may be asking too much

Budget: 180
*not from Chinese websites.
* any from Currys, Argos, Carphone, JL..

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Get a tempered glass screen rotector. No matter how good the advertsing is, most screens break easily if dropped.
A good tempered protector will help prevent actual screen breakage.
Drop tested to 1.8m........…c=1
£152, after applying the 5% voucher.
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Better spec and very good reviews. £179.99
Buy an otter box defender case, personally drop tested down a flight of stairs across the hall and impacting the front door, not a scratch on the phone and this was recently proven as Apple did a warranty repair on the battery which had got a bit old.
A used Moto X force but make sure battery is ok as they have a tendency to switch off around 25% under load
The AGM X2!

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We use Moto Tc55 and tc75 in work though out of your budget range. Point with drop tests for the certification is they are all dropped onto a level surface with no stones etc. Ours have survived being dropped from a taillift on the top deck of a double decker,yet not survived an impact point of being in a pocket and hit against the edge of a roll cage divider. Be prepared with any industry rugged device that they mostly do not do OTA updates and you have to install manually as most industries will be using bespoke software that would be very sensitive to OS or firmware updates.

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