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Hello Everyone, urgent help required please, I am planning to buy brand new phone from , I am confused whether I am buying UK model or Chinese model from this website.
Is it UK based company and legit??
any kind suggestion please ASAP...
Thank you everyone in advance for your time
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Yep. Legit. Uk company.
thank you for quick reply Simba92, It means I am buying uk model from them and warranty will also be valid here...last thing, is ther e any way to get discount from this website as well.... once again thank u for kind reply
Never seen discount codes for them.
You’ll get a UK model. Returns are a good if you’re not happy.

They sell used and new phones. New phones will have standard warranty for the year with the manufacturer.

Used will have some kind of returns policy. But they are pretty good and never had problems.
thank you very much, God Bless you
kashifchopra3 h, 11 m ago

I am planning to buy brand new phone from ...

I assume you do not mean that specific domain name / website? Change letters ph to f & FAQ states "New products ship in the original sealed box with the original accessories and full manufacturer warranty" so if paying more than £100 for an item and the merchant accepts direct credit card payment then S75 would apply to the credit card purchase = replicated merchant obligations by credit card company. There is no mention of how any manufacturer warranty would be serviced (in UK or elsewhere) and consider the merchant is ultimately responsible for consumer obligations, not the manufacturer.
do you mean this site mate?

I've used these myself for a brand new iphone 7 plus a year back or so, and it arrived perfectly
Thank u everyone
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