SmartSupportGuys are they a legit company ?

Found 13th Apr 2012
Has anybody used or heard of this company: SmartSupportGuys


My Mrs has just received a phone call from them saying they are working in our area and telling her our computer was infected with a large amount of viruses etc, my Mrs knows very little about computers so passed the phone over to me.

They then told me my computer had sent them a list of infections found on my computer and that people were accessing any/all
information on my computer as we spoke.
He then insisted I input a code into my computer to see the scan results and what was infecting my computer, they could then proceed and take steps to repair it.

I was initially dubious and concerned about this and asked who he worked for, to which he replied, I am calling from "WWW".
Each time I asked who he was calling from, who he worked for, company etc, he would get snappy/abrupt, even ridiculing
and say he was calling from "WWW", sometimes his answer would be "WWW Technical Support".
Eventually after much pestering he gave me this website smartsupportguys.com/ and said that is the company he works for, he then asked if I wished to continue with inputting the code, without the code, I would not be able to view the infections or repair them. I wouldn't input the code so he put the phone down on me.

Are they a legit company or scammers, if they are a legit company they have a hell of a weird way of doing business.
If they are scammers, I am posting this as a warning for others to be on their gaurd.

Hope this is of help.
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Do you really need to ask? Actually, I mean they may well be legal but they're certain to be a rip-off.


Do you really need to ask?

No not really, lol, just posting as a warning to others really.;)

No not really, lol, just posting as a warning to others really.;)

Ah. Good then.

Seem legit to me

Are they, I'll let em crack on then lol.
My Father In Law gets AT LEAST 2 calls a week, and he hasn't even got a computer !!
i would be wary tbh as i dont think u need it if you look online for guides and read the manual etc
It's a scam, been around for years.
THIS IS A SCAM - avoid at all costs. I was scammed by them last year under exactly the same circumstances. I stupidly handed over money, but fortunately got it back from my credit card company.
Please avoid this company at all costs.
I have used this company and paid £75.00 joined about 6mths ago and they ring me once a month to check my computer and keeps it up to-dateand speak as i find have been very satisfied.

However yesterday teatime another company called GLOBAL PC EXPERT INC. rang me and said that my computer had got some problems and i thought that it was my Smart Support Guys so i went along with it and they took control of my commputer but after 20 miutes or so they started saying that they wanted £99.99 and that i would get untold warranties with my commputer at this moment i thought hello is this a scammer? they were insistant that i paid them this money and i told them i could only pay them £20.00 as that was all i could pay (I hold an account and at ant time it only has this amount in) so i paid this £20.00 and they would have to call back in two weeks for the balance which they aggreed,i have now finding out if my thoughts are correct.
I got a call from these guys. First they claim to be from Microsoft and received lots of error reports about your computer. They tell you what to do, but if you follow instructions they lead you to teamviewer and you end up handing them remote control of your computer. They will show you lots of programmes which they claim are not working and will convince you your machine is in a critical condition. You enter credit card details to "register". AVOID THEM!!!!
I was called and my computer was not working as a virus was infecting it I agreed and paid up to fix it I feel so foolish. Last night another trying to sell me an anti-virus "cheap" I declined, he said do not install an anti-virus, alarm bells ringing!
Telling them you have an iMac is a quick way to get rid of them, although a good old fashioned "How bout you go **** yourself is equally effective

AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!! My 80 year old parents have just been taken advantage of and they were very persistent on the phone too!!! Paid them on a debit card as wouldn't accept a credit card!!!
These companies take your money and give you what you think is anti virus software, but the anti virus software is the virus. If you think your computer may have a virus on it, download AVG and it will scan your PC.
always remember that anyone calling you up with regards your computer this is always a scam. on any computer query you should only ever take advice from a main worldwide security forum like Wilder's security or software specialists major geeks or the worlds largest computer forum the dslr

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