Smartwatches ( Fossil Q explorist Vs S3)

Found 12th Aug
Asking for opinions from people who have owned either or possibly both.

Im not bothered by having to charge the fossil each night due to its poor battery life since I have a few devices I throw on charge overnight I'll just add it to the list of those things. other than the battery life, no nfc and heart rate monitor is there anything i should be aware of regarding the fossil.
Ive also mentioned the S3 because it seems like a solid piece of tech so any info on that would be much appreciated.

My needs are mainly for notifications and music control although I do exercise often but don't feel the need to monitor BPM and all of the rest hence why I'm not too fussed about the fossil not having heart rate monitor, I do have to say the fossil appeals a lot more to me aesthetically than the S3. Is there any reason, with everything I've mentioned taken into consideration, as to why I should buy the S3 over the fossil q explorist 3rd gen.
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Depends on the OS you prefer, Tizen or Wear OS.

Wear OS has better app support, but people like Tizen as it's more simpler to use and the S3 has the rotating bezel which is the best part of it.

Fossil watches are very nice, stock Wear OS and no bloatware. S3 doesn't have much either (unless you call Bixby bloatware).

I'd say the S3 has more functionality (as it's made by a tech company) but the Fossil is more stylish (as it's made by a designer).
I compared both last year, as I didn't know which to choose, if you Google reviews on the fossil smart watches, you will see alot of people saying how it becomes unresponsive, touch isn't too great etc.

In the end I opted for the S3 frontier, nice watch and got a brown leather strap, changed the face, now looks similar to my original fossil watch.

Just to add this was the video I watched (no pun intended) which sold it to me, such a well put together video

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