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    I have a smart watch (Zeblaze Blitz) that changes the MAC address when it is rebooted.

    Every device I have had has a static MAC address but after rebooting if WiFi is off it just says “Unavailable” under “Wi-Fi MAC Address” then I turn WiFi on and it gets a different MAC address than it had last time, however only the last group of 3 hex (6 characters) change.

    It’s annoying as I use MAC Filter/Control on router, so if I reboot the watch I have to put in the new MAC address.

    I contacted the manufacturer and they said

    "For the MAC address, I confirm for you that it will change all the time as your wifi will also change , like the IP address change, because the MAC address is gotten Automatically, no one can change it, and it also match the wifi Automatically, so we here can use the wifi normally even the MAC address change."


    That seems odd behaviour but as it's been confirmed by the manufacturer I'm not going to dispute it without more knowledge.

    There may be another way to do what you're trying to do though. Why do you have MAC control on, and what are you bothered about whether the device is assigned the same IP by the router's DHCP server?

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    I just rebooted about 4 times and 4 different MAC addresses only the last 3 sets of numbers changing though, must be random I guess. MAC control is on just for extra security, is it not worth having it on? No I'm not bothered about what IP address it has, I even tried putting its current MAC address in and giving it a dedicated IP address wondering if it would stop the MAC on the watch changing but had no effect.


    MAC control is on just for extra security, is it not worth having it on?

    Mac addresses are broadcast over wi-fi so no.

    Mac address filtering doesn't do anything for security as it's so easily beaten, it just inconveniences you.

    Easy. Stop using Mac address filtering. There's no need apart from making you feel clever.

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    Ah thanks, didn't know that but a simple google search comes up with how useless MAC address filtering is!

    Security wise mac filtering is crap but if have several access points with the same SID it allows you force devices to connect to only one access point. Comes in handy with apple devices that bork on certain aps
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