Smarty got 4g voice last week

Posted 11th Jul
in case no one noticed, Smarty got VoLTE last week:…ing

I think that makes Smarty the cheapest pay as you go network with 4g voice.
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That's good news, not many MVNO's offer it, and it says VoWifi coming soon, couldn't get me to go back to anything useing Three again though, the speeds I got were anything from a quarter to 10x slower than Vodafone that I switched to.
Now if they'd only improve their terrible coverage - come on 3, hurry up with the 5G roll-out!
I've just got the VOLTE symbol on my notification bar this morning. :-)
Edit. Just to add WiFi calling also works. Don't know how WiFi calling works as it still routes the call when i disable the sim?
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