Smash Bros Wii U Club Nintendo Code - Free for someone to get CD and MewTwo

    Hi all,
    I have a spare Smash Bros for Wii U Club Nintendo Code and want to give it away for someone to use on the soundtrack and Mewtwo promotion before it is over... Will send to first person who asks via PM.


    Hi, just PMd you. Many thanks.

    Can't believe I missed this. Damn!

    Original Poster


    EU or NA club nintendo code?

    Sorry but went to JDavies as he PM'ed me before your post.


    Hi, just PMd you. Many thanks.

    Sent you a PM with it in please let me know when you have used it.

    When is the promotion over?

    Original Poster

    20th January for Both and 31st March for Mewtwo only
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