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    “Smashing Glass Ceilings: The Women of WWE” is a compelling, intimate and reverent portrait of the successful revolution within WWE’s Women’s division, against the backdrop of the historic Raw Women’s Championship Hell in a Cell Match between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair. Also featured in the documentary are Stephanie McMahon, Paul “Triple H” Levesque, Nikki Bella, Daniel Bryan, Becky Lynch and Finn Bálor, among other WWE Superstars.


    Have to give a huge amount of credit to MMA and people like Rouda Rousey for changing the attitude WWE had toward female wrestling. Only a few years ago woman in WWE would get into trouble for having matches that were 'too good for girls' they'd be given 2 minutes a lot of the time and even a guy dressed in a wig won a womans battle royale.

    Seeing UFC events main evented by woman definitely planned the seed for WWE to realize that woman can main event and be top stars. With UFC considered "competition" they knew they'd have to put some effort into building woman otherwise their product would look very behind the times.
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    Is there anything HHH won't stick his beak in?


    Is there anything HHH won't stick his beak in?

    ​have you seen the size of his beak? doubt he can help it

    It's about time women's wrestling was taken seriously, they can put on a hell of a match at times.

    NXT was really the start of this change. There were plenty of times the women would have the best match of the night. The only negative is there's now less bathroom breaks on PPVs X)
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