Smelly Football boots

Posted 7th Oct
my sons football boots are smelling awful tried washing and airing them out but nothing seems to work. Anyone got any home remedies that migh do the trick? thanks
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You could try pouring some Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda) into the boots and leaving them like that for 24 hours, it is cheap, widely available and generally does a pretty good job.
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Odour eaters
Get something called Colloidal Silver....
It is great for getting rid of odours, people with pets use it lots.
It is a great antibacterial liquid, I make my own as its also a type of medicine, but I will not bore you with that.
It really works.
Putting melted chocolate in the s shoe works
I use the Dettol anti-bacterial laundry cleanser (we buy it from Costco) and it really works to keep my gym kit smelling good, almost smells too clean and disinfected. You just add it instead of softener when washing in the machine.…966

EDIT TO ADD Sorry I just realised it mis-read the post, I thought it was socks that were smelling not boots! Sorry I don't have a fix for boots!
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Baking powder works apparently, Have a look on YouTube.
Tea bags supposed to work.
For my son's swamp smelling like boots, I used Scholl shoe powder after the boots had been cleaned and were dry...
When he wasn't playing for a week or so, I would run them through the dishwasher on a lowish,quick cycle, take the studs off if they are removable, and don't put anything else in with them, let them dry naturally and more foot powder...
(I always ran a cleaner through the dishwasher after too!)
Our kids' boot smell like cat pee after they get wet from playing rugby. Best thing I've found is soaking them overnight in a bowl of vinegar, then washing in the machine.
Perfumed cat litter in a old sock draws out smells I used this on my sons trainers
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