Anyone know where i can get a bottle of 75cl or 1l bottle of smirnoff vodka failing that a decent bottle?


    err, try a shop. i always find asda, tesco, sainsbury's and morrisons to be well stocked


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    Hehe i meant on offer didn't really word my 1st post so well did i!!!

    lol i did wonder!

    Asda doing Smirnoff £14.00 ltr.

    Tesco doing Russia Vodka 2 x ltr for £25.00.

    Its a bit early, unless it was an all nighter, good luck.

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    Hehe i could do with a vodka and red bull minus the vodka to wake me up!!!

    I was in a local spar and smirnoff was 8.99 for a 70 cl bottle.

    an out of breath guy about half a mile from a supermarket will probably sell a litre for £5. may have some big joints of meat at knock down prices as well! no questions asked! LOL


    Smirnoff is £14 a litre in Morrisons, as is Gordons.

    I was in somerfield few days ago and they had Litre Smirnoff on special at £9.99. Not sure how long on for but was on few days ago.
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