Smok alien kit

Found 21st Mar 2018

There was a deal posted yesterday or the day before for a smok vape kit.
Which seems to have disappeared
Wondering if someone knows where from and how much it was for.

Thanks in advance
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know its not what you asked but here goes anyway.
I've had it for a few months. mod is good but tank ain't great ive had it leak a few times.also uses up a lot of juice (got the 6ml v12 tank). if It ever breaks on me I won't be getting another
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I thought it was bad spelling for smoke alarm kit , where's the exit
Ironically alik, it was myself that posted that deal, my first one lol. I posted the wrong link, that was for the 85w so then expired it. I found a great deal on the 220w and the site wouldn't post it because of the company. I'll happily send you a link of the 220w
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