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Found 21st Aug 2017
My mum's fire alarm is broke. Who fixes them? She's 82 yrs old.
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Smoke alarms are so cheap I don't think you will find anyone to fix them , just buy a new one, less than £5 . If you can't do it for her, your local fire station may offer a service where they come out to do a fire check on the property and help her to put a new one in. Are you sure it doesn't just need a new battery though, or hoovering as they should be cleaned regularly..…asp
above link is for London but most counties offer a similar service.
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Fire alarm or smoke alarm?

Smoke alarms are cheap, just replace it. Have you checked the battery first?
if it is electrical you will need to be competent to replace them. if the property is rented then the landlord is responsible for this, but not if she is a social tenant apparently, crazy!

battery operated smoke alarms are around a fiver as mentioned above. if battery operated then check the battery as also mentioned above.
You can get a free one from your local fire station.
Local fire service might fit them for free
We could not change the battery on my mothers smoke alarm because it was fitted by the fire service. They change it if they installed it.
if its hard wired it might just need new back up battery if its one fitted by the fire service then get in touch with them if its one you bought you can still get in touch with the fire service but it might take a bit longer for them to call on her, oh and one more thing you might want to say please and thank you
Call your local fire station, ours came out and installed two brand new ones for us for free. They also offer fire safety advice too
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