Found 13th Jun 2010
Hi guys, hope someone can help, we have 3 smoke alarms in our house. This morning one of them started to beep intermittently (sp).

I thought may have been to advise the batteries were running low (dont know if they do this or not?). However, opened one up and they are wired into the main electrics of the house.

Any ideas on why it may be beeping, oh and before the trolls jump in, they arent actually going off due to smoke.


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Mains powered smoke alarms have a battery backup in case of power cuts, it probably needs changed

The battery is used as a back up in case of power failure. You may find the one that is beeping has a duff battery. Replace it and see if that helps.

Deffo the back up battery. Needs replacing. It'll probably sleep for 5 mins or so AFTER replacing to battery until it resets so don't worry if that happens.

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Cheers for all replies, repped, will have to take it apart and find the battery, will report back later, re

hi, dont take it apart, i have a electric one with back up battey, if you look around the outside rim, there is usually a pull out section which slides out and thats were the square battery is, i think, lol :thumbsup:
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