Posted 6th Oct 2022
Smokeless coal last year was £4 for 10kg bag in most supermarkets, Home Bargains, Aldi, Asda etc. Best price I can find so far is £5.69 at Home Bargains. £6.50 in Aldi. Anyone found anything a better price ? There are no better online buys for buying bulk that I have found.
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    Haven’t found any cheaper unfortunately, wish I had. I’ve been to the same places as you so just seeing the same prices.

    If it doesn’t HAVE to be coal you could try smokeless fire briquettes. Doesn’t get as hot but better than nothing. If you have a Mole stores near you the purple bags are 20kg for £9.25. Look out for a leaflet on the counter for £5 off when you spend £25 or more. Buy three bags so 3 x £9.25 comes to £27.75 then you can use the voucher and it should come down to £22.75.

    I say “should” come down to £22.75 because you actually get charged £23.37. It’s happened twice to me now but for the sake of 62p I can’t be bothered to argue! Something to do with VAT I think but it puzzles me.

    So you get 60kg for £23.37 which works out at £3.90 per 10kg.
    Wow thanks ever so much for that response, I certainly do have a Mole up the road in Dorchester so will try there tomorrow. I had forgotten about that place. Thanks so much !
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    All gone up this think out local coal supplier gone up by a few quid £12 for 25kg
    Nope. Not even buying in bulk. It annoys me so much. £4 a bag last year and nearly £7 this year. And that's if they have stock.
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    £8.50 for 10kg in Tesco.
    Crazy prices
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    i do pallet work, allot of people are buying it for delivery online. dont know where from as we only get the end point delivery and a depot number. however must be easy to search. seems to be 20 bag min give or take from size of the pallet. only kerbside drops for the cheap stuff so be prepared to hump it.
    Thanks for that - I have searched online already and nothing comes up cheeper than around £5.60 for 10kg even by the full or half pallet.
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    Does anyone know how this compares to buying from a traditional coal man?
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    Has anyone come across anything cheaper than £6.50? Home bargains have upped their prices, everywhere else seems to be around £8 mark.
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    We've been buying bags of peat from a local hardware store - not sure if it would be available UK-wide. £7.50-ish for 20kg bags.

    Aldi sell smokeless coal, 10kg for £6.99 - at least, they did outside the store we were at two days ago.

    I found an old Specialbuys catalogue when trying to find the current Aldi link...shows how much prices have went up (think this is from 2020!)48795055-pTdk7.jpg
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