SMOKERS! 16.5% off Tarlock Mini Cigarette Filters

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    Using Tarlock Mini Cigarette Filters will drastically reduce your intake of tar and other hazardous substances found in each cigarette that you smoke, without changing the taste of your cigarette.

    These filters DO NOT contain any chemicals, they simply use centrifugal force. As the smoke is drawn into the filter it passes through 4 small holes which causes the smoke to spin at speed in a whirlwind effect, this forces the heavier particles (mainly tar (up to 65%) but also other hazardous substances) to the outer edge, where it sticks to the inside of the filter wall. This toxic sludge is clearly visible from the very first cigarette smoked, regardless of the strength.

    Each filter can be used for between 4 and 6 cigarettes. Once the yellow area is full, simply discard and replace with a new one.

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    I use tarlock filters all the time, they really do reduce the amount of tar from cigarettes, in other words, they do exactly what it says on the box. Well done ! Tarlock.
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