Smoothie maker / Food mixer

    Firstly is there any difference in the two?

    Any good deals around at the min?



    There is a difference though some makes will do both. How ever you can sometimes also just use a blender for both (I always advice getting one that can crush ice) and if you want it for smoothies, you may want to buy yourself a juicer also, though you won't always need a juicer. Basically there are a lot of ways to go. If I was you I'd go to a kitchen store, talk to a slaes person bout exactly what I wanted, get their imput and decide what products would be best for you before doing a price search. Though feel free to ignore me

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    Thanks for the info m8 will take it on board.

    There seems to be a great difference in price by just having a quick look on argos.

    Some of them are £200 while others are around £40. I will keep looking for a while anyways


    got a great chrome set that does both in ********** for £29.99

    s*ins berrys

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    Well I ended up going for this one which seems to do everything I want and got good reviews...

    £40 @ argos but got it for £30 on amazon...…hen


    i have that blender and its been great :thumbsup:

    used it for pureeing baby food, making batter for pancakes and yorkshires, smoothies, milkshakes, chopping, mixing
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