Smoothie maker/juicers/blenders?

Found 27th Feb 2009
Thinking of getting a smoothie maker. Are you able to use them to make vegetable drinks (in vain hope we can use this to get some vegetables into the children?) or do they only work with fruit? And what is the difference between one of these and a juicer or blender? Thanks very much.
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A smoothie maker is blender with a tap fitted.
Juicers squeeze the juice out of any vegetable or fruit - they're fantastic but a pain to clean up after. Blenders work with soft fruits etc to make purees. If you want to make vegetable juice go for a juicer - try the kids with carrot apple and orange. I also use to get the juice out of spinach and mix it in with pasta sauces
I bought the smoothie to go £20 from debenhams but used a 20% off code so had it delivered for £16 - it is amazing, you get an extra cup and it is just the right size for the work surface - sot too bug, made loads of thing with it, hubby loves the bananna and ice cream. the 'to go cup' is great for storing leaving the main one for use. I would definately recommend

A smoothie maker is blender with a tap fitted.

yup... I have a smoothie maker and thats all it is.
Have you tried your kids with smoothies already?

Ones already made up that is? I bought a smoothie maker 15 months ago. I got it out made some smoothies, and the kids said....... YUCK!

Oh well
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So if I have understood correctly - if I want anything that makes things other then smoothies (i.e. a vegetable juice) get a blender?

A smoothie maker is blender with a tap fitted.

try throwing ice in there and see what it does to your blender! smoothie makers are much more powerful and their blades can dice thru ice inlike your average blenders.
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