Smoothie Recipes?

    Hello, does anyone make smoothies at home? If so, what's your favourite?

    I'm looking for inspiration into making my own! I made one the other day, 2 kiwis & grapes juiced together. Probably needed some juice but I enjoyed it.

    I'd rather keep it to fruit i.e no yoghurt/ ice cream. But if needs must...


    Just keep mixing up the fruit, add some ice, makes it lovely and refreshing! Why not try some natural yogurt? Sometimes If I want mine a bit juicer, I add some fruit juice

    I dont like it with yoghurt in either

    My favourite is probably banana, blueberry and orange juice. One banana, handful of blueberries and cover with orange juice, blend

    Hi I normally use some plain yogurt (500ml) cost about 45p,milk,and you can buy frozen mixed berries cheaply in sainsburys (probably in other supermarkets too),I use brown sugar instead of white too.
    If u wanna make a banana one,you can make it a bit crazy with oats too.
    And of course,ice cream always goes well!!

    bananas, strawberries, mango,apple juice and coconut milk,:thumbsup:
    honey, don't forget the honey.

    frozen raspberrys fresh pineapple and fresh orange, lovely!!

    our favourite is banana/raspberries (frozen) or strawberries and apple juice

    I don't buy it but in Farm Foods there a Fruit Smoothie Mix which is about 39p and always hear form people how much they like it.

    If I was making my own I would like something that was mainly cherries mixed with some apple.

    i put natural bio youghurt in mine, so kids get extra goodness, they would never eat plain bio youghurt by itself.

    all of aldis 49p fruits are super for smoothies.
    pineapple, peaches, cherries, plums and kiwis. yum

    Have always made these for my kids when they were smaller.

    I now use them for myself as meal replacements. Milk based ones because I have to eat a high protein diet but not keen on meat.

    Favourite is milk bananna, and chose from either dried dates, prunes. Dash of lemon juice. Tiny pich of sugar or honey. Really healthy

    Sounds yuk but tastes really nice. Very filling. I also throw other things in, especially if they need using up. Yoghurt, low fat cream cheese, cottage cheese. Had some nuts left over last week, so threw them in too.

    Original Poster

    Thanks folks, some of these sound lovely!

    I buckled & bought some natural youghurt when I was in Sainsburys.

    So tomorrow I'm gonna try strawberries, blueberries, youghurt & maybe some banana. I have no idea what it will taste like but as someone said above, just try loads of fruit. So I am!!

    Hopefully it'll be nice as it's going to be my brekkie :w00t:

    Dried apricots are an excellent source of iron and Vit C. I don't eat dried fruits, unless they are in a smoothie where they are much nicer

    apple and carrot and celery is nice too
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