Found 12th Dec 2008
So, as instructed by the card in my hallway, I went down to the local Royal Mail delivery office to pick up my two parcels. One was a christmas present for my little cousin which needs some work done on it before it's ready to give to her, the other was those SE110s, which are more of a mid-week present for me. I took them home, scuttled up to my bedroom, and thought about which one to open first. The decision process went like this:

Cousin's present: Hm, should really get that started now, I suppose. Lot of stuff to be done on it, best start it now because it'll be busy between now and Christmas. It's what a responsible big cousin would do.

My present: Ooh! Me! Me! Me!

So I flung cousin's present to the side and savagely tore into the packaging of mine. The universe was not please, so karma got the packaging to tear back into me. I now have a papercut covering the width of my left index finger from cuticle to joint, and because that skin is tight, it's split open and has blood dripping out of it, and it's starting to sting like a mofo.


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lol!! bitten by karma eh!:-D
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