SMS help

    Ive broken my phone and will have to wait a few days for a new one to arrive

    as a result im completely out of the loop with my mates!

    i know there are a few websites that you can send free sms off, but are there any where you can send and receive sms for free?

    i know its a bit of a long shot


    Send a text message to your friends telling the that you have lost / broken our sim card via the free sms service, and ask them to give you a ring on the landline - then you can explain all!

    OR buy yourself a Pay as You Go Sim, and use it until your new SIM replacement comes through.

    OR ask one of us on here to do it for you dude....


    [url][/url] is a brand new site where you can send free text messages to over 50 networks in the US, they also list many other free SMS sites and list business class SMS providers too. Visit site...

    SMSPOP is run by MTNSMS and Airbourne which will give you five free messages and will let you message the world from your PC to over 230 networks worldwide and will even let you track message delivery. Visit site...

    SMS.AC lets you send upto eight free SMS messages a day through it's website, you can chat and flirt with other members by text but you will get emailed from Coleen on a regular basis once you've signed up with them. Visit site...

    This site will spawn a pop up window sadly when you click the link but they do say you can send messages to any mobile phone on the planet. Not bad going plus they have an interesting article on mobile phone viruses! Visit site...

    This site is a valuable resource with loads of link to sites where you can send free sms messages! Visit site...

    These guys have got to be one of the best know SMS portals on the planet, while we admire them for being so big and clever we aren't keen on the popup when you enter the site. No registration required so if you insist on stalking someone by text please don't use us, use CBF or Card Board Fish as they call themselves Visit site...

    This is a nice collection of international links for sites which will let you send free texts to your friends. Covering all of Europe, the United States and Russia this is a good set of bookmarks to enough free SMS sites that might save you a fortune! Visit site...

    Okay, these guys are massive, do a Google search for FREE SMS and FONETASTIC will be there on most pages, ofter more than once! This is the main portal behind what can only be called a massive SMS network with what appears to be hundreds of member sites! Visit site...

    Registering with UBOOT will give you free messaging plus access to their user community with photo uploads and member profiles. UBOOT are another of the big players in the free SMS arena with thousands of members on their site. Visit site...

    You get greeted by two popup windows when you enter this site, more when you click on the link for free SMS and then we find out it's a part of the [url][/url] network so it's nothing special in our eyes but still worthy of note. Visit site...

    A girl I know told me about this site a long time ago, they support users in the UK, United States and Canada with members getting upto fifteen free messages a month, not to the most generous deal out there but the girlie on one of the pics looks like that cute bird from Holloaks so even a dark cloud like so few messages a month can have a silver lining Visit site...

    Register with REDALERTZ for free and you can get upto sixty free text messages a month plus they even have their own mobile phone store online now. Visit site...

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    thanks guys

    If you're with o2 you can send them via the internet for free.
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