SMTP Settings Outlook for Non-BT accounts. (ON BT BB)

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Found 10th Mar 2010
SMTP Settings Outlook for Non-BT accounts.

Can't figure out the correct settings to use there SMTP servers for my other accounts.

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other accounts being? hotmail, gmail, other ISP's?

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Its my work account.

yeah u see we will need a bit more info on that

why not talk to your work it people.
they may not even allow u to connect to it like that..who knows.
maybe you have to use OWA
or install a certificate
or connect via vpn
hopefully they will let u connect using outlook in cached exchange mode but as none of us here will know ur work email account details we cant help.


Its my work account.

so your @ home & you want to get your work emails?

if you use exchange at work then youd need some kind of VPN before you even start as the exchange server will be behind your company network.

best bet maybe outlook web access, but again youd need the address etc.

more info needed really before we can start to support....

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Sorted now had to verify accounts to use there SMTP. Thanks for trying guys.
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