Found 11th May 2007
Anyone know what this is? I just set up a wireless router yesterday & I keep getting this in my security logs, a quick google search indicates this is not a good thing to be happening, but I don't know owt about it really!!

05/11/2007 14:32:46 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
05/11/2007 14:32:44 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
05/11/2007 14:32:43 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
05/11/2007 14:32:42 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
05/11/2007 14:32:09 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
05/11/2007 14:32:08 **Smurf**>>, Type:3, Code:3 (from ATM1 Outbound)
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I always thought "Smurfing" was ******* until you're blue in the face.
LMAO !!!! :w00t:
and got this

- Smurfing is the attacking of a network by exploiting Internet Protocol (IP) broadcast addressing and certain other aspects of Internet operation. Smurfing uses a program called Smurf and similar programs to cause the attacked part of a network to become inoperable. The exploit of smurfing, as it has come to be known, takes advantage of certain known characteristics of the Internet Protocol (IP) and the Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP). The ICMP is used by network nodes and their administrators to exchange information about the state of the network. ICMP can be used to ping other nodes to see if they are operational. An operational node returns an echo message in response to a ping message.
A smurf program builds a network packet that appears to originate from another address (this is known as spoofing an IP address). The packet contains an ICMP ping message that is addressed to an IP broadcast address, meaning all IP addresses in a given network. The echo responses to the ping message are sent back to the "victim" address. Enough pings and resultant echoes can flood the network making it unusable for real traffic.

One way to defeat smurfing is to disable IP broadcast addressing at each network router since it is seldom used. This is one of several suggestions provided by the CERT Coordination Center.

[COLOR="Black"]we made our wireless network "secure" have you done this [/COLOR]
Not yet because I don't know how to, we are having a hell of a time....set it up yesterday and it worked fine, my dad was getting 4 bars on his computer...tried to make it 'secure' but all this WEP, WPA left it, today it doesn't work at signal, not even 1 bar on my dads computer!!
I'm not a comp buff but we get loads of help from the Web User forums
we have had some good advice here's the link ]WEBUSER
Look at the manual that came with the router.

It is very important to make your network secure!
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