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Found 21st Nov 2017
Hi Guys , So I bought an xbox scorpio from smythes toys and Very , decided to keep the Very one and return the smythes one , but I just realised I have opened the smythes one ,now my question is , can i return the unopened/sealed very one to smythes ? asking in case they scan the barcode or something and realise its not theirs ?
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No you should not do that's they might have different serial numbers
Does it not say the serial number on the receipt?
no serial numbers on receipt.
If barcode is identical and box is identical - go for it - they will not notice.
return the very one to very instead..
Consoles normally has the serial no on the side or the back of the box.
They can tell by the serial no on the box as it has a batch no on one end of the serial no.
I know this for a fact as I have seen cex tester identify retailer from serial no.
You may be lucky and they may not even check anything as it's all sealed.
Good luck!
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So if you have an unopened one that you bought from Very why don’t you just return it to very ?
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