Snapfish, looking for consumer advice

    I ordered 3 canvases from Snapfish. What a performance!!!

    I had to wait ages for delivery despite me pestering them. That aside, when they delivered, the quality is poor. I got the pictures from online and when using photobox they came out perfectly however the pictures from Snapfish are grainy. I have complained politley via email and they want me to send in photos but in truth it sounds like they are just looking to get out of giving me a refund.

    Has anyone ever managed to return something to Snapfish?


    My wife made a complaint about the quality of the photobook. Was refunded and they didn't wanted the book to be returned.

    I've ha photos printed with them and wasn't satisfied. To be honest I didn't contact them but it is hit and miss fem what I've heard

    Use the free resolver tool to send them an email. Just say you want yor money back as you aren't happy with the quality and you'll be sending it back for a full refund plus cost of postage. If they put up a fuss then threaten to escalate to CEO level.

    Of course they want proof of the quality of the canvas, anyone could say xyz is poor quality give me a refund, most companies would ask for evidence. Would you really expect a company just to take your word and give a refund like that?

    So send the pic they asked for and take it from there.

    I ordered a photo mug which was chipped and the photo was grainy as well. I emailed them, asked for a full refund, which I got plus some free prints (which I still haven't used up). They also sent a replacement but that was no better quality.

    Definitely send an email with pictures to them, explaining the problem.
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