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Posted 19th Oct 2007
Hello! I'm a newbie, so please be nice ;-)

I needed to order some photobooks and saw the Truprint CRIMBO25 offer…int Thanks sadiebabes :thumbsup:

I rushed to get my photos and layout perfect before the offer close date (15 October). However, when I logged in, unknown to me, I was logging into my Snapfish account, not Truprint. :shock: The header of the page said Truprint, powered by Snapfish. When I went to add the offer code it wouldn't accept. :shock:! By then I'd spent hours creating the books! I went ahead with the order, assuming it was an issue with the system, but when I got my order confirmation, it was from Snapfish. I have contacted Snapfish, and Truprint customer service who tell me that they are 2 completely separate companies that use the same web platform (suspiciously the wording of both of the emails was identical). They now won't honour my discount, as they said I should use 2 different email addresses to gain access. Obviously if I'd have known that, I would have done!!

I feel as though it's a bit dishonest when I'd clicked through a Truprint link, to be diverted to make an order through Snapfish so that the offer code isn't valid. Anybody else experienced this? Do you think it's worth pursuing - it seems so unfair! :cry:
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i almost got caught out by the same thing but decided i didnt want to risk it just at the last second before i placed the order. I'd spent ages editing what i wanted too. Definitely try to pursue it further...hope you get somewhere with it
That's very unfair meister. It's not your fault that the two companies have some how mixed into one... You ordered through the Truprint site so Truprint discounts should be honoured. Email them back and say you ordered through Truprint in good faith and you're extremely disappointed they have let you down & ask them to apply the code. If not, then tell them you'll contact trading standards as you were mislead into placing an order & they haven't honoured the discount they said they would.

(Ps, I'm really sorry, I feel guilty because I posted that deal :oops:)
I might have misread but didn't the OP say he logged in with his snapfish details - so his contract is with them and not truprint.

Both are separate photo companies who use the same front-end and internet based processing. Only Truprint license it from snapfish and orders are sent through to them for printing.

It is a little like amazon marketplace. You go though amazon but you might not be trading with amazon.

If the discount did not show up on the checkout you would have been better not confirming the order.
the 2 must be linked though, because you cant have an account with both on one email address!
They are llinked because snapfish owns the online front end and truprint has a contract with them.

A bit like when you could buy Comet elecricals via the woolworths site.
Hi Meister,

Sorry for the inconvenience you went through trying to get your Photobooks!

It's true, at the moment a person cannot be a member of both Snapfish and Truprint (using the same email address)

However, at Truprint we have made the decision to honour Snapfish promotions and always try to help out whenever we can. Having to have two accounts at different sites and uploading photos twice is not ideal and we appreciate that.

Drop me an email when you have a mo - at and I'll make sure you get your discounts / credits.

Digital Marketing Manager - Truprint
Got my refund! Sorry I totally missed all the responses (I'm still learning with this site!). Took so many emails to get it resolved, and I'm disappointed with the Snapfish customer service (however I did also email Truprint twice and got no response). Now I know about the log-in issue, I can use two separate email accounts, but wouldn't it be easier to offer the choice to purchase through each of the two sites? It's not really obvious which company you're logging in to, unless you know to check. Anyway, I got what I felt I was entitled to, so I'm a happy bunny. Thanks for your advice everyone!
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