Snipe Elite 4 or Hitman The first season (PC)

Found 8th Mar 2017
Saved enough funds for only 1 of these games, which do you recommend I should get and why?

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Hitman probably has more variety and certainly has more replay value than Sniper Elite
I've heard Sniper Elite 4 is poor

I've heard Sniper Elite 4 is poor

​Last time I looked, steam had Sniper elite 4 positive?
Not worth the current price tag, but I liked the first three,
Sniper Elite 4, Addictive
Sniper Elite 4 is the best entry of the series by a long long way. The AI has been improved although it's not perfect, the graphics look a lot better and it's fun. That said, once you've completed it there's very little to go back into with the main game although the multiplayer will give you some longevity.

Each level of Hitman is huge, and can be replayed in multiple ways. I sunk a good couple of hours into the tutorial level alone so there's a lot more replay value. But no proper MP to my knowledge without looking.

Have a look on cdkeys for some prices, there should be some reasonable discounts. Personally I'd go for Hitman as I think Sniper Elite will be £20 in a couple of months
haven't played hitman yet, waiting on a price drop

sniper elite 4 is great tho, my game shows 34hours played, probably around 30hr of that is campaign (finished on hard-and i took my time to be silent) - probably a few hours of afk time included in that too.
wish they'd add the ability to jump tho, that kinda annoyed me(can only jump over certain objects-gaps)

agree there's not much replay value in it, might give mp more of a try later.

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