Snooker cues?

    I was just wondering where it would be good to buy a decent cue? I'm not looking to spend anything over £60 though!

    My son tells me ebay has a lot of dealers but I've never used that website before. Anybody know of places with good offers?

    Thanks. Any help appreciated.


    I bought a cue from a website last year but I don't think I would be able to find it again. I think I just googled and took pot luck. I will see what I can find.

    I think eBay wil be your cheapest option as a lot of dealers who have their own website tend to be 3 times more expensive.

    Example for exact same cue:
    eBay £14.99 - brand new from a dealer…tem

    Website £49.99…tml

    That is just one example. Have not got time to go through the rest. Worth pricing them up on different sites then checking eBay for the same cue.

    I would have a look in Sports World if you have one near you. And even Argos is worth a look.

    Yes some of the sports shops in the high street are doing some fantastic deals on cues and you get to handle them to feel weight and balance which has got to be a good thing, I would never buy a cue without handling it first..

    Even such things as varnish and how far it goes down the cue can make a difference to your game and if the varnish goes right to the end of the cue (which some cheap ones do), it will wind you up as your hands get hot and sticky whilst playing your game and the varnish will add resistance to your playing hand as it gets stickier....:-(

    Go for one costing at least £30.00 with a half decent brand name to it and make sure the varnish starts dissipating around 3/4 of the way down the cue, you want a brass ferrule not a plastic one and a fibre tip. Follow those tips and you won't go far wrong....:thumbsup:

    Oh and one last thing enjoy your game and if you get to a decent playing standard and get on the Telly, I want 10%....:giggle:

    Original Poster

    beerman1 thanks for that link. following on through from that i came across this dealer, who seems to have a very good reputation (4000+ transactions with good response!), offering this cue:…tem

    crazylegs, yeah cheers for the helpful advice. i've started playing regularly and enjoying it but feel them damn bent house cues are hindering my first steps to tv stardom lol!

    i think from my £60 i'll prefer to spend something like £40 now. i don't want to have a flashy cue and play poorly..

    the one in the link looks very tempting and although i doubt i'll use it much has an extender lol, that does interest me though.

    Most cues you can get used to, but i do prefer to play at least a few games with the cue. You will usually get the feeling right away, if you feel comfortable with it.

    My only advice to you, once you get a cue and have played with it for a few months. Don't change, even if you really want to buy a new cue. You just get so used to how your cue plays etc.
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